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Amidst the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing is set in one of the most stunning hunting environments you will find anywhere. Be immersed in our unique landscapes and our way of life. Experience an authentic hunting adventure with an authentic New Zealand family.

We offer a range of hunting experiences from private land to wilderness hunts in the backcountry. We fish salmon and trout in the surrounding lakes and tributaries. We prepare wholesome, fresh meals and gather together in the evenings either at Cross Hill Lodge or down at our private beach around the campfire which overlooks Lake Hawea and the stunning Grandview mountain range.

We are your hosts, Richard and Sarah. We are the third generation of Burdon’s to love and care for Glen Dene Station. Along with our two children, Georgie and Charlie, we love our land, the people, and the hunting and fishing opportunities the land provides

Share this adventure with us. You’ll start as a stranger & leave as a friend.


Bordering two national parks and Te Wahipounamu, a World Heritage Area of unreal beauty and magnificence, the land the station occupies is stunning. Fifteen thousand acres of awesome free-range hunting.

Glen Dene as it is known today is the northern portion of the original Mt Burke Station. In 1929 Richard’s Grandfather George Burdon bought Mt Burke Station with a goal to become a high country farmer. Fifty years on, the land was split in two, creating Mt Burke and Glen Dene Station (the northern portion of the original station), each portion farmed and operated separately.

Sarah and Richard took over the management of Glen Dene Station in 2001 from Richard’s parents Jerry & Lesley and have taken the property to new levels in both terms of production and efficiency. Recognising the huge potential in diversification, they have embraced ideas and opportunities beyond farming; building Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing to be one of the most sought after hunting outfitters around.

The Burdon Family has very strong ties to this land – you will feel this from your arrival at Glen Dene to the moment you leave. Share in our history and our stories.

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What to expect

With shooting, fishing, game shooting and exceptional hospitality on offer, people from around the world travel to hunt with Glen Dene.

While we offer a range of packages, ultimately we prefer to listen to what you want to achieve first, then work with you to tailor the hunt and experience to suit your goals. We have a number of accommodation options, guiding preferences and range of both free range and game estate hunts.

Our ethos is to use as much of each animal killed as possible and to immerse you in an authentic hunting experience. We offer a range of products from processed meats to deerskin cushions and rugs. We take pride in our sustainability practices and custodianship of the land, animals and our community.

For non-hunters, programmes can be designed to showcase the highlights of the region. Talk to us about creating a programme to suit.

With Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing, you’ll be entertained and stories will be told. You’ll hunt on some of the finest land and waters in this region. You’ll come away with a strong sense of this land, the history and the custodianship required to keep it.

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Richard and Sarah, a Dynamic Duo in Outdoor Adventure, Hospitality, and Conservation

Welcome to the world of Richard and Sarah, a passionate couple dedicated to providing exceptional outdoor experiences, warm hospitality, and a deep commitment to conservation. With their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for adventure, they have created a remarkable haven for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers from around the globe.

Richard, the Seasoned Outfitter and Conservationist, in addition to his impressive background as an outfitter and has a good understanding of resource management. Richard’s commitment to conservation is evident through his various leadership roles. As the chair of the Hunters for Conservation trust in New Zealand, Richard works tirelessly to ensure the coexistence of hunting, freshwater fishing, and conservation efforts. This organization plays a vital role in preserving natural habitats and educating hunters on responsible practices.

Richard’s influence extends internationally as a representative on the Dallas Safari Club board. This prestigious position allows him to advocate for conservation and responsible hunting practices on a global scale. By collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations, Richard strives to create a sustainable future for wildlife and their habitats.

Sarah, the Heart-warming Host and Environmental Advocate. While Richard focuses on conservation from a policy and leadership standpoint, Sarah champions environmental advocacy through her actions and dedication. Together with Richard, she recently won one of New Zealand’s top environmental awards for Glen Dene, their exceptional property. This recognition showcases their unwavering commitment to preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance of their surroundings.

Sarah’s passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of their operations. Whether it’s sourcing locally grown produce for her delectable meals or implementing eco-friendly practices at The Camp – Lake Hawea Holiday Park, she consistently demonstrates her dedication to reducing the ecological footprint.

A Harmonious Blend of Adventure, Hospitality, and Conservation, Richard and Sarah’s profound love for the environment shines through in their outdoor adventures and warm hospitality. With their comprehensive knowledge and expertise, they create unforgettable experiences that not only thrill and entertain but also foster a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Their commitment to conservation extends to their guests, as Richard and Sarah strive to educate and raise awareness about responsible outdoor practices. By combining the excitement of hunting and fishing with a deep respect for the environment, they encourage their guests to become stewards of nature.

Richard and Sarah are more than just outfitters and hosts; they are champions of conservation and advocates for responsible outdoor practices. Their commitment to preserving the environment is evident in their leadership roles, awards, and dedication to sustainable operations. Whether you join them for an exhilarating adventure in the wilderness or relax at The Camp – Lake Hawea Holiday Park, you can rest assured that your experiences will be rooted in respect for nature.

Richard and Sarah’s passion for the outdoors, warm hospitality, and unwavering commitment to conservation create an extraordinary synergy. They invite you to embark on a journey where adventure, comfort, and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Discover the wonders of nature, relish in their warm hospitality, and join their mission to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come.




“I grew up in Haast, New Zealand, hunting from a young age with my father so I have been hunting all my life. I enjoy all aspects of hunting but especially the wilderness hunting. I became a guide through knowing outfitters in the area and have now been guiding for about 15 years. I knew Richard before Glen Dene Hunting started so have been with Glen Dene as a guide since day one. I enjoy meeting other hunters from around the world and getting them trophies. I’ve done lots of different shows overseas with Richard and know a lot of repeat clients and outfitters. My proudest moment is watching my kids take nice trophies.”



“I was born and bred in Gisborne, New Zealand and grew up in the farming sector and worked there for the first couple of years of adulthood. I started hunting from an early age, wing shooting, upland game and waterfowl and became adept at feeding my family from an early age. I have lived in the Hawea township for 25 odd years now, making the two-minute trip to Glen Dene for work very convenient. Hunting throughout the country and more locally is one of the most enjoyable aspects around hunting, with the travel, camps and friendships made. I also enjoy the education side of things and the new hunter training modules that I have been coordinating locally has been amazing. Alongside Glen Dene’s sponsorship of these programmes the relationship between hunters and the farm has never been better. Guiding has been a natural progression from the 25 years of hunting access provided by Richard and Sarah and the surrounding properties. I think I have been on the payroll for a good ten years or so now. The rewards are from the friendships made and being a tour guide/ambassador for the farm and the greater Hawea region. It is an excellent place to wake up and go to work.”



“I am from Indian Harbour beach Florida and have been hunting and fishing for over 23 years. I love the places that hunting takes you and the immersion into the environment in those places. It gives you a purpose and part in extraordinary places that others only witness as an outsider. I became a hunting guide because I wanted to hunt year-round. Do what you love, and you never work a day in your life. I was drawn to Glen Dene because of the amazing location and best team and have now been guiding here for 6 seasons. What I love most about being a guide is sharing experiences with likeminded people whose passion and enthusiasm motivates them to chase dreams around the world and the dynamic problem-solving aspect planning hunts and stalks for clients with a range of abilities on different species and in different terrain. It’s exciting and engaging. I thrive on my clients’ successes. The challenges and obstacles on the way can make these successes so much more rewarding.

Richard and Sarah brought me over after university in Florida and gave me all the opportunities to learn and succeed as a guide. I’m extremely grateful for the experiences and adventures the Burdon’s shared with me and believe you will be too when you come to hunt at Glen Dene.”



“I grew up in Switzerland and got into hunting through my uncles over 40 years ago. I love that hunting provided the opportunity to be out in nature, watching animals and harvesting your own meat. I chose to become a hunting guide because I enjoy making other hunters happy and passing on my knowledge instead of just going out myself. I have been guiding for 9 years now and met Richard at a previous workplace where he offered a job as a hunting guide if we want to move down South one day. What I enjoy most about working as a guide is providing guests with an unforgettable experience. Happy guest = happy guide. I am very happy to be out here hunting in New Zealand and am proud that I can bring Swiss traditions to Glen Dene in the form of a classic log cabin. I have now built two log cabins up at Glen Dene in the shoulder seasons when I’m not out guiding. One of these cabins is used as an overnighter to give guests a true backcountry experience.”



“Hunting is my life. Growing up on the farm in north Canterbury is where it all started. Pig hunting and trapping with the old man is what I was into, especially the dogs on a good boar, it’s in the blood. When Jerry Burdon gave me permission to hunt Glen Dene well over 20 years ago it opened up a whole new world, I hunted pigs ’til my hearts content, as well as Red deer tahr and chamois in the upper Clutha basin. I’m mainly a solo hunter, but taking friends out to harvest their first trophy is awesome, the excitement and the blood sweat and sometimes tears is all worth it and it’s no different with international hunters that travel here to put a tag on their trophy(s). We’re very fortunate in New Zealand with hunting right on our doorstep.”



“I am from Northern Ireland, and I started working on a game hatchery at 16, rearing pheasants and partridges. I originally came to New Zealand at 19, working in diary, beef and on sheep stations with deer farming, staying between New Zealand and Australia till I was 22. I met Richard Burdon in South Australia in 1988 while working on a sheep station. When back in New Zealand, I visited the Burdon family, and they have since all visited me in Scotland where I have lived for the last 30 years working as a deer stalker on three private estates. I have only recently joined Glen Dene as a guide. I enjoy guiding as I get my fun from stalking guests into a close range of wild animals in their natural environment. The fact I can spend my days in the great outdoors teaching others about the bird life, animals and the plants in New Zealand is incredible.

My motto is – For the Hunter it is not the kill but the thrill of the chase! Sometimes you have all the thrills and no spills.”

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