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  • New Zealand Red Stag

    Red Stag hunting began in New Zealand as early as the 1920's following the introduction of the animal to these shores in the 1870's. it is the most widespread deer species in New Zealand, with wild populations established in most forested and tussock country.  Red deer are medium sized animals of about 180kg in weight. They have good sense of smell, eyesight and hearing, reacting quickly to movement. During the roar (rut), males become preoccupied with finding hinds and can be less cautious.  Thus the roar presents the best time to locate, stalk and hunt trophies.

    The roar lasts approximately four weeks, with stags being most vocal in the middle two weeks. Red deer roar from late March through April.

    The recommended calibre for a male red deer is .243.

  • New Zealand Hunting Season

    We begin our hunting season mid February (late summer) through to the end of July (late winter). Red Stag and Fallow Deer can be hunted throughout the season, with the rut (or roar) being mid-March to mid-April.  Bull Tahr and Chamois can also be hunted through the season, however their rut season, and when they have full winter capes, is May, June and July.

  • Types of Hunting in New Zealand

    There are many different ways to hunt in New Zealand. Glen Dene offers the opportunity to hunt on their private high-country block as well as  on public land. Access can be via helicopter, vehicle or on foot.

  • Species Hunting in New Zealand

    New Zealand offers keen hunters a variety of different species to hunt.  The most popular species include Red Stag, Tahr and Chamois; all of which we hunt here at Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing.

    Other species hunted typically with Glen Dene include Fallow Deer, Arapawa Ram and Goat.

    Whitetail Deer, Wapita/ Elk, Boar and Duck hunting can be arranged on request.

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