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Taxidermy Services

At Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing we offer inhouse taxidermy, as well as the expediting service. Our goal is to not only take you on a successful hunt with world-class animals, but also to help facilitate other aspects of the trip including the handling of the animals you would like to get mounted. Offering these services is one way we hope to relieve you of stress and worry so you can focus on enjoying the trip and hunt of a lifetime in New Zealand, with the best taxidermy in New Zealand!

We welcome Raynardt to Glen Dene!

Raynardt is a professional hunter from South Africa who grew up in a wonderful area with advanced wildlife. He is well known for his fast-paced work, as well as dedicated quality of each result. His aim is to cast your memories in stone.

Raynardt is on site and living here with his family. He guides our clients on these animals, and truly understands the natural appearance and typical postures of the New Zealand species. Raynardt has the strong opinion that a taxidermist should have real exposure to the animals in their natural habitat and not just in photos. This results in a much more realistic mount that captures not only the looks, but the attitude of the animals in their New Zealand environment.

Glen Dene is offering both services. You can either get your trophies expedited and sent to your taxidermist in the US or you can get your trophies fully mounted here in New Zealand and shipped straight to your home address.

Whatever you decide, our aim is to make sure your souvenirs will arrive in your country in top condition.


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