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Below are just some of the glowing testimonials we receive from clients after every hunt. We are currently migrating our full list of testimonials from our old site to this new one. Please bear with us while we do.

"We spent 3 weeks in New Zealand, the last week was spent at Glen Dene, and it was our favourite part of our trip. Steve got his Red Stag and a beautiful fallow deer. I shot my first game animal - fallow deer. WHAT A THRILL!!! Our hunting guide Bre was exceptional. The staff became our friends and made us fell so welcome! The food was amazing, try the secret sauna, wood fire hot tub and get a massage to top the trip off. Thank you"

Steve Close and Laurie Funston ” Hunting week of 28 April – 4 May 2024″


"Richard and Sarah Burdon are super hosts and have put together the greatest support staff and guides to make this one of the greatest for many many travels. Their property is massive, and there just not enough words to describe it.

Thank you for an unforgettable trip." - Dennis and Leslie Hansen, New Hampton, USA


Leslie and Dennis Hansen (4 May 2024)

Great people at Glen Dene all round. We had a blast. Great country, great views, great cooking, great hunting, great people, great experience!!


Brett & Karin Fisher, USA, 2023

I wanted to thank everyone at Glen Dene for such a wonderful time. It truly was an amazing experience with truly amazing people. My wife and I are eager to plan a return trip soon!

Cole Wakefield, Idaho, USA, 2023

Molly and I had an amazing experience with Richard, his wife Sarah and their amazing staff. We can't thank them enough and express how the trip exceeded our expectations. Richard is not only running an amazing hunting outfit but also is a rancher/farmer/ land and animal manager plus many other things. It amazed us how busy he is yet how still hands-on he was with every aspect of our trip. Heck, he pick us up from the airport and took us back. He's dedicated to making sure we had whatever we needed plus experience the best that NZ could offer. This is the reason why Molly and I didn't hesitate to rebook for 2026.⁠
Glen Dene also has daily options and retreats for your wives if they don't want to go out hunting. Friends of ours did some of those excursions and loved every minute of it. These friends will be returning as well.⁠
Not only can you hear the stags roar but there is also Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Deer, hogs, Arapawa Rams and Hill stags (Highly recommend signing up for the grand slam package). Just walking and seeing the country is a trip by itself.⁠
Molly had never hunted or shot anything before this trip. By the end of it, I had to pry the gun out of her hand. Thanks Sarah for letting us use your Blaser 308, Molly would like you to keep it on hand for her return! 🙂 Yes Glen Dene has rifles so you don't have to deal with the pain of shipping and all the paperwork. You will go out to the range and shoot before the first-morning hunt.


Rick Schneitter & Molly Olmstead, Washington, USA, 2023

You have a very, very amazing operation. I was very impressed at what you offer and the people that you have working for you. Congratulations. Take care we will keep in touch.


Jason and Pratricia Crook, Denver, USA, 2023

I am so happy I made the decision in 2019 to book this hunt with Richard. I have hunted every big game animal in North America and been to many places but at my old age, I found the place I should have found years back. My guide Dan was incredible, getting me up to a free range 14-year-old Tahr, great Chamois, beautiful Red Stag and great fishing. Holly is a fantastic Chef and the staff are out of this world. Everything is so clean, and the wine is fantastic. Richard and Sarah, I can’t say enough about them and how they made me feel, my wife Eleanor could not make the trip, as she was helping her 98-year-old Mom. But Richard and Sarah made me feel like I was part of their family. I was so happy to make new friends, all the hunters and their wives were great to be around. Thank you so much Richard and Sarah!


Angelo Caruso, New Jersey, USA, 2023

I had such a great time staying and hunting with you guys!! Everybody was just wonderful, Mark and Tessa were just tops, (not to leave out anybody), you guys sure run a great business, from the food to the lodging to the scenery to the hunting, and all the people, everything was more than I could have hoped for!! Thanks for the wonderful time!! Best regards, Jeff Deere

Jeff Deere, Minnesota USA, March 2023

Hunter’s 2023 spring break in New Zealand!!

This was supposed to be a “boys only” trip but I wasn’t about to sit back and miss out on Hunter getting his first red stag. He accomplished that + a massive hog. My heart is beaming with pride. A HUGE thank you to Glen Dene Hunting & Fishing, New Zealand for providing such a magical and legendary experience for the whole family! - Krista Mingle


Sam, Krista & Hunter Mingle, Colorado USA, March 2023

Hi team Glen Dene,

I  just wanted to say a huge thank you for our recent trip. Being our first time in NZ we was amazed by how spectacular Glen Dene is.

Red stag hunt at Glen Dene Station

The accommodation was excellent and comfy and thanks to Richard and Sarah inviting us for dinner a few times at your lodge with great food and people that we met. Thanks for the amazing hunting experience we had with Raynardt and Will in helping us to secure our trophies,  give them a big shout they were great even keeping us busy when our animals were on the deck.

Otago Hunting for Red Stag with Glen Dene Hunting & Fishing

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and was great to do it as father and son!   Thanks again everyone and I will be back at some stage..

Red Stag Hunt Glen Dene Hunting & Fishing

Alex and Rod Triffitt from Tasmania 

Alex & Rod Triffitt from Tasmania 

This was truly such a special trip for us and a Honeymoon (Huntermoon). We will always remember! I have been telling all my hunting buddies about it and we're trying to plan we can make it out there. "  

2020 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Cohlman Rutschow,
March 2020

A huge piece of heaven, beautifully spectacular surroundings, mountains, trails and rivers and most importantly, wonderful people.

Thank you so much for sharing our adventure and ensuring that all of our memories will be perfect.

Hunting Season 2020,
Marlon and Trudy Lewis ,
March 2020

Thank you everyone at Glen Dene  Hunting and fishing lodge. What a great team you have. Rick got his hunting trip of a lifetime. I am a non hunter and had just as much fun as he did. Where do I start?... shopping, touring the area & wine tasting with Sarah. fishing on a beautiful lake. Dan and Bri having patience with me as I tried to keep up hiking while they were looking for the great red stag. Robin cooked  better meals than any 5 star restaurant. This really is one of the most beautiful places on earth!



2020 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Rick and Roxanne Robinson ,
Feb 2020

... we had great fishing trip with Jono! He went above and beyond, and went out of his way to insure we caught fish and enjoyed ourselves. I would highly recommend both Jono and Glen Dene to anyone who looks for a great outdoor experience. Thank you so much!

Fishing Trip 2019,
Louis and Clara Katayama 

A note to acknowledge and thank Richard and Sarah Burdon once again for making Glen Dene Station available to the Upper Clutha Branch NZ Deerstalkers Association for its annual HUNTS training course.

This year we had 12 trainees who attended the course held over six weeks in September/October 2019, culminating in a weekend camp and hunt on Glen Dene. We were successful in taking 7 deer – everyone had an opportunity for a shot, and they all enjoyed the wonderful venue, scenery and great company.

Many thanks for hosting our courses – our eleventh this year. We value and appreciate your support and look forward to doing it again next year.

Upper Clutha Branch NZDA

NZ Deerstalkers Association – Hunts training course,
October 2019

A nice email to Richard:

"I never and I mean never watch television except today.  I was finalizing all the last minute things to do before I depart on a mixed bag Hunt in Spain and Romania in the morning and I saw an episode of  a family of American hunters pursuing Red Stag and other game in New Zealand. To my total enjoyment and entertainment it was Glen Dene and after the program finished I immediately revisited my journal entries from my Glen Dene Hunt. It was a joy to reminisce and remember  New Zealand.  I must say you have a wonderful and well managed Hunting Program and all the hunting stories I have heard/shared about Glen Dene are truly complimentary. I trust all is well with you, Sarah, Georgie, Charlie, your folks and guides Dan and Stacey. Until our paths cross next I wish you continued success and Good Hunting."


Rudy Gasser,
email Sept 2019

Had a great experience! Great scenery, great people  - looking forward to the next trip! Expectations exceeded!


2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Kyle Spear ,
June 2019

Wonderful! Everyone was very polite and made me feel at home. The service was first class and the hunting was phenomenal. We will be back many times!

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Dan Eaves,
June 2019

Wonderful trip to take along your spouse! I had a great time touring around. Great hospitality and wonderful food, very welcoming!

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Michelle Smith ,
June 2019

Expectations exceeded! Great! The Heli Hunt was the best! Great staff and food, it was a wonderful time!

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Scott Smith ,
June 2019

Guide Dan Rossiter is EXCELLENT. His outdoors man skills are 2nd to none.

Chef Robyn  - superb food. A true pleasure to be in camp watching Robyn preparing a feast.

True Southern hospitality, welcomed me like family. Support staff Claudia, John, Thomas are very helpful.

Burdon Family run a 5 star world class operation!

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Charles Horne ,
June 2019

Glen Dene provides a quality deer stalking experience in an authentic, challenging and breath taking location. The trophy quality of animals is exceptional and the knowledge and performance of the hunting guides is of very high standard. I am unable to find fault in any aspect of the hunt from the pre booking service, the hunting itself through to the trophy preparation and exporting arrangements. I will be thoroughly recommending Glen Dene to anybody who wants a quality hunting experience in New Zealand.

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Gerard Kirkham,
May 2019

a superb experience, large number of trophy deer available to choose from, a very professional, high class operation, excellent guides. Hunting is in an area of great scenic beauty.

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Geoff Hanson,
May 2019

Far exceeded expectations in all aspects!  World class food, World class people, World class animals. Can't wait to come back!

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Tommy Duren,
April 2019

Glen Dene is a world class and professional outfit. Could not have asked for a better experience. The support staff were top notch!

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Ty Scott ,
April 2019

What a great experience!  Richard and Sarah run a class act. The hunting is some of the best found anywhere. Stacey is a guide with knowledge and good skills. It was a pleasure hunting with her. A person leaves Glen Dene with having made good friends.

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Barry G Ackinclose,
March 2019

Absolutely amazing time with Glen Dene! The experience is something everyone must do. Everything from the animals you hunt to the food, to the staff are all top notch.

We had an awesome experience with our guide Stacey. She showed us amazing animals and tought us so much about New Zealand. Everybody here treats you like family. I would highly recommend coming to Glen Dene anytime you are in New Zealand.

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Greg Ackinclose,
March 2019

Richard and Sarah, and the entire Team were excellent! Jono, the guide, is outstanding! The other guides are so friendly and helpful too! I can't wait to return!

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Glen Boehm,
April 2019

Truely can't say enough about Glen Dene!  From start to finish the experience has been first class!

Thank you Sarah, Richard and Staff, you guys make dreams come true!

2019 Hunting at Glen Dene,
Lonnie Owens,
April 2019

Richard and Sarah,


Now that we are back home and settled back into the work life, I wanted to take a moment to thank you again!!! I also wanted to be sure you knew just how wonderful we think your family/business is.  I have experienced a couple of hunts with Joel but can honestly say I have never enjoyed one as much as I did yours.  I will get on your blog and post but wanted to personally say as the "guest" of a hunter/video crew I was welcomed into your crew as though I was as important as any "gold stag hunter" would be.  It was amazing to me to see you all operate as business owners and family!  I know it is a tremendous amount of work but it is very clear that you love your work so much it does not come off as "work" to the guests and hunters but rather that we are just family/friends staying with you for a week.  That can not be easy to pull off but you make it look so.  Your work crew (including family, guides, cooks, taxidermists, etc) go above and beyond to make each person feel welcome.  Dan was amazingly patient (as I wanted to be involved in the hunt) and he never once complained if I were a bit slower than the hunters.  He was able to make me feel a part of the day and not a burden at all.

I know you are busy people so I shall close but again, thank you, for everything!




Pam and Joel Moore

Pam & Joel Moore,
April 2019

The Vista crew had a great time this past week and you should get swamped with coverage. Wish I was there to help cook on the beach.

Brad Fenson Outdoors,
Brad ,
Brad Fenson Outdoors

“I cannot recommend highly enough Richard Burdon and family and their Glen Dene Hunting outfit on New Zealand’s South Island. Richard runs an outstanding operation for free range red stag, fallow and tahr. There is a range of accomodations from a private, four bedroom house overlooking Lake Hawea to B&B accomodations at the station to rustic cabins and even camping. The hunting is first rate with capable guides and lots of animals. From the start, we felt like part of the family and Richard and Sarah pull out all the stops to make our visit entirely enjoyable. We had a fantastic hunt and left New Zealand knowing that we would be back again.”

Kevin E. Steele,

It was around this time last year in 2017 that Leslie and I were wrapping up our trip and flew home about Aug 7th.  Thanks for the memories...

I had both the Tahr and Chamois officially measured for SCI and entered....I cannot remember the number but both were top 50 I believe. One 23rd and one something else...very cool and much appreciated.



My name is Antonio Teruel and I`m the CEO of Iberhunting.com I’m an outfitter in Spain for nearly 35 years who has hunted around the world and in June 2017  after a recommendation from my good friend and partner Matt Gueddes of journeyhunts.com,  I came to New Zealand to hunt on your ranch.

Matt and I are quite experienced and when Matt suggested I come to your camp for a hunt and even with my vast experience, I will find it to be an experience (hunt) of a lifetime,  I booked my trip immediately..

From the first moment of my arrival and when I meet Richard in the airport I got a good feeling for what was to come.  I was there with Rob of Hunters Element and he reiterated that he also felt the same way about Richard and was looking forward to the hunt to come.   After the hunt I realized that this  was one of my best hunting trips that I ever experienced , not only because of the hunt but the wonderful the hospitality.   Your wife Sarah is a wonderful  cook and very attentive to our comfort at the lodge.

Our guide Dan Rossiter is quite professional,  as is all your guides on your ranch in my opinion but whoever your are assigned;  I know you will be in good hands.

From one professional to another, I recommend Glen Dene very much !!

Richard / Sarah / Dan and all the team Thank You so much for everything, I will come back for sure !!

Iber Hunting

Got a couple of early Christmas presents from Artistic Vision Wildlife Studio. Amazing job Aaron! Both of these bueties were taken at Glen Dene with Richard Burdon. Anyone looking for an adventure of a lifetime needs to visit Richard and his team.

Charles Reagle,

Chamois have been everything I dreamed they would be: Challenging, charming and wild. Thank you Neil Connolly, Richard Burdon and Glen Dene Hunting & Fishing

Jacob Edson,
Jacob Edson,
Vista Outdoors, 2018

"Accommodations could not have been any nicer.  Thanks so much to Jerry and Lesley for welcoming  us into their home.
Would definitely recommend Richard’s operation.  A fantastic week for my wife and I, one of the better experiences we have had."

Boetticher adventure,
Buzz & Estelle,
Virginia, 2018

"Absolutely a wonderful experience. We stayed with Lesley and Jerry; they are fantastic, warm and welcoming hosts and the chalet we stayed in had an amazing view and great privacy.  We thoroughly enjoyed a good continental breakfast to start our day, lunch along with wine and cheese at the end of the day before a wonderful dinner, featuring much of the game from the station.  Richard and Sarah hosted a really fun lakeside event Friday evening, with cocktails, appetizers and Richard’s wood-fired pizzas – a chance for all the hunters of the week, and their guides, to gather, share stories, laughter and pictures, making for a really nice conclusion to our stay.  Transportation from and to the airport was easy, Chrissy was a great tour guide, including a bit of background on the area as we prepared for our week.  Our guide Neil was truly excellent – identified excellent game to satisfy our hunting requirements, arranging for a day-trip to tour the ranch, making sure our fishing day was setup – truly an excellent coordinator and while a bit of a jokester, was all-business when it came to the taking of our animals.  And – he is an excellent photographer!  Higgy was also a lot of fun, touring us around the station and surrounding area during a free day.  We had such a great experience, we felt like we were staying with family and can’t wait to return.

This is a perfect environment for a woman hunter.  I (Melinda) have little hunting experience away from our local blacktail hunting and my husband as my guide.  Glen Dene offers a comfortable, safe environment with professional guides that tailor their approach to the personality, skills and interest of the hunter.  As an example, the first day Neil offered excellent guidance in sighting in a rifle we’d never shot – his skills as a shooting instructor were evident and both my husband and I learned from the experience.  Secondly, he spent time that first morning showing us a variety of different stags, allowing him to get an idea of what type of animal I was interested in and then using that information, identified a great match for what I was looking for – executing the perfect stalk.  Higgy was also very comfortable to be around – funny, informative, a great tour guide and a chance to learn just a bit more about New Zealand than we might otherwise have ever known!    I would whole-heartedly encourage women hunters to experience Glen Dene and would be happy to be a reference.

Richard – thank you to you, as well, for an incredible experience!  Our friends are in awe of our animals!"

Swank Adventure,
Allen & Melinda,
California, March 2018

"Most outdoorsman see New Zealand as a paradise for hunting but once they arrive they find the fishing to be the second jewel in the crown of outdoor activity.  My wife  Cyndy and I went on a wonderful river raft fishing trip organized by Richard and we caught some awesome rainbow trout.  Our fishing guide was Greg Dougherty and we found him to be the  best fishing guide I have ever used.

I hunted with Glen Dene guide Stacey Thorburn who turned out to be  not only an awesome guide but a great person.  I didn’t even have to bring my own rifle from the United States.   I borrowed Richard’s 7mm Mag  and from the pictures below you can see performed just as we expected.

The country is spectacular. The mountains are rugged if you need to climb.

Accommodations were great and the entire family and team that Richard has put together is fantastic. We enjoyed all the dinners and getting to know the family.

New Zealand and Glen Dene Hunting exceeded my expectations. Both hunting and fishing were outstanding."

Gusler Adventure,
Jay & Cyndy,
Texas, March 2018

"This year I hunted with guide Stacey Thorburn & Dan Rossiter where I took a nice Tahr while my friends Sam & Trista killed 3 red stags and a ram and Travis killed a red stag.

Glen dene is 10/out of 10 in my book.   The panoramic views, and luxurious, yet comfortable lodge makes a great location for all to enjoy, including non-hunting family members. They spoil you with delicious foods and top notch chefs."

Randi & friends,
Indiana, 2018

"I found Glen Dene through a friend and outdoor writer Brad Fenson.  I hunted in March 2018 alongside Glen Dene guide Neil Connoly using my  Savage Accufit model 110 in .30-06.   The hunting and hiking was hard, but the reward was so, so worth it.

I was extremely happy with the accommodations, staff, hunting and really everything provided. It was a great hunt. The food was wonderful and the locations were beyond what I even imagined. I also really appreciated Glen Dene’s ability to mix commercial agriculture with conservation and sport hunting. It is a perfect model to see how well things can work in New Zealand when the different pieces can coexist.

...Glen Dene was a top-notch outfit with excellent accommodations, great game and just an amazing setting as a canvas for these hunts."

Jacob Edson,
Otsego, USA

"We found Glen Dene online and after speaking to several outfitters on the North and South Island, we felt the best connection with Richard and his team at Glen Dene.

We hunted the last week of March 2018, the very start of the Roar. We each hunted free-range red stag with our own rifles, Browning .308s.  Natalie took her stag on day 1 and Joe took his stag on Day 3. After we both tagged out, we started searching for a free range Fallow Deer, and on the last hunting day in the afternoon after hiking 7 miles, we were successful.

Our guide Tony “Higgy” was such an integral part; not only was our hunt successful but we had so much fun while hunting! He put safety first and we always knew we were in good hands.   The hunt was on mountain terrain. Some parts of the hunt we hiked along rolling hills. Other times we hiked through brush or streams. We did hike alongside mountains with sharp drop offs and we walked up and down a lot of hills, some very steep, but Higgy consistently gave us tips and ensured our safety. It is definitely best if you have a good base level of cardio for a New Zealand hunt.

We stayed at the Homestead and it was wonderful. Jerry and Leslie were gracious hosts and made excellent meals for us. It was always so much fun to meet back at camp for dinner and listen to everyone’s stories and celebrate each other’s successful hunts.   Glen Dene was a wonderful experience for us. The backdrop is beautiful, the people are awesome, and we will definitely be back!"

Joe & Natalie,
North Carolina

"Thank you for the photos you sent... with those lovely Trout.  The waters of the Clutha and Waitaki so Beautiful, the Rainbow and Brown such strong competitors, your breath is taken away with each strike and play.  Just knowing what wonderful country surrounds you, for a moment you think you’ve found Paradise.  Jerry and Leslie made us so welcome and Richard showed such friendship we had a hard time packing up and leaving.  We shall always remember a time well spent at Glen Dene. "


"Richard, Sarah and the whole team at Glen Dene, thank you for an awesome week.  The hunting was spectacular, but the team there was my favorite part of the trip.  Simply put, you have a genuinely kind, caring, fun-loving team."

Wade Kretman

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