Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions around payment relate to our full Glen Dene Hunting & Fishing contract. Please contact us with nay questions.

Fees and payments—

(REF : -Clauses  6, 7 and 8  and 9 of Agreement)

1.DEPOSIT  :  An amount equal to 25% of the estimated  aggregate total of Fees & Related costs is payable by the Hunter forthwith upon GDH confirmation of acceptance of the Hunt booking.

(SEE Clauses 7(b)& 7(c) & 7 (d)  )

2.DEPOSIT REFUND : See Cl 7(e) of  Agreement.

Deposit is not refundable except only that 15% may be refunded at the discretion of GDH if the Hunt is cancelled by GDH.


On completion of the Hunt then GDH will issue a GST Tax invoice —

(a) TOTAL Balance of Hunt Fees and all related expenses and associated costs PLUS any GST  and all other taxes/Government levies  is DUE forthwith upon completion of Hunt ;


(b ) If the Hunt has been booked within 60 days of the Hunt commencing then such Total Balance is payable in full upon GDH issuing confirmation of booking..


Any overdue sum(s)  are payable together with interest from due date at the rate of 15% per annum calculated monthly until paid in full.


All GST  ,Taxes , Levies  are payable in full by the Hunter.

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