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The Full Experience for Emily and AJ

It’s incredible what you can fit into a week hunting with Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing in New Zealand. During their trip, Emily and AJ did not stop!   Bull tahr hunt at our backcountry tahr camp was the first mission! A mix of weather helped them appreciate the harsh and vibrant beauties of New Zealand’s ... read more.

Posted: July 15, 2024 Tags: Categories: Activities, Backcountry Hut, Fallow, Fishing Otago New Zealand, Hunting

Getting Fallow Bucks Rattled Up!

Getting fallow bucks rattled up (and no, we don’t mean spooking them!) is an exciting way to hunt during their April rut at Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing. While mimicking a roar can help close the distance on a stag during their rut, a fallow buck’s croaking vocalization is more difficult to perform and less ... read more.

Posted: June 17, 2024 Tags: Categories: Activities, Bowhunting, Fallow, Hunting

Outdoor Action shows a recent trip to hunt a Fallow Buck at Glen Dene

Thompson Center Arms’ Danielle Sanville and Wade Middleton of Americana Outdoors guided by Dan Rossiter are hunting on Glen Dene’s spectacular hills and mountains. While in the field they see mature Fallow Bucks and learn about various colour variants and the distribution of the fallow deer. Watch the episode here   read more.

Posted: June 26, 2019 Tags: Categories: Fallow, Hunting, Red Stag New Zealand

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