Getting Fallow Bucks Rattled Up!

Posted: June 17, 2024 Tags: Categories: Activities, Bowhunting, Fallow, Hunting

Getting Fallow Bucks Rattled Up!

Tucker harvested quite the fighter fallow with his long bow this April at Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing. The fallow shed Tucker found while hunting on Glen Dene proved useful in scraping in a fallow buck!

Getting fallow bucks rattled up (and no, we don’t mean spooking them!) is an exciting way to hunt during their April rut at Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing. While mimicking a roar can help close the distance on a stag during their rut, a fallow buck’s croaking vocalization is more difficult to perform and less likely to result in success. However, rattling or even scraping fallows’ shed antlers has a much more enticing affect on these feisty fighters and can help seal the deal.

While most of our hunting on Glen Dene is spot and stalk, calling in fallow bucks can help finish the stalk by diminishing the distance over open terrain. This is an especially useful tool when bow hunting, allowing hunters to position themselves to intercept a fallow buck’s approach.

Nothing sounds quite like a real antler hitting the ground or bush! Even without having two sheds to rattle, picking up a single shed antler may prove useful when fallow hunting on Glen Dene.

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