Joe and Natalie Kennedy from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Posted: April 09, 2018 Tags: Category: Hunting

Joe and Natalie Kennedy from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

We are Joe and Natalie Kennedy from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. We found Glen Dene online and after speaking to several outfitters on the North and South Island, we felt the best connection with Richard and his team at Glen Dene.

We hunted the last week of March 2018, the very start of the Roar. We each hunted free range red stag with our own rifles, Browning .308s.  Natalie took her stag on day 1 and Joe took his stag on Day 3. After we both tagged out, we started searching for a free range Fallow Deer, and on the last hunting day in the afternoon after hiking 7 miles, we were successful.

Our guide Tony “Higgy” was such an integral part; not only was our hunt successful but we had so much fun while hunting! He put safety first and we always knew we were in good hands.   The hunt was on mountain terrain. Some parts of the hunt we hiked along rolling hills. Other times we hiked through brush or streams. We did hike alongside mountains with sharp drop offs and we walked up and down a lot of hills, some very steep, but Higgy consistently gave us tips and ensured our safety. It is definitely best if you have a good base level of cardio for a New Zealand hunt.

We stayed at the Homestead and it was wonderful. Jerry and Leslie were gracious hosts and made excellent meals for us. It was always so much fun to meet back at camp for dinner and listen to everyone’s stories and celebrate each other’s successful hunts.   Glen Dene was a wonderful experience for us. The backdrop is beautiful, the people are awesome, and we will definitely be back!

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