Randi Leigh and friends living the good life at Glen Dene

Randi Leigh and friends living the good life at Glen Dene

My name is Randi Rowlett of Milan, Indiana and I was hunting on the Glen Dene properties with Sam and Krista Mingle of Denver ,CO , Michael Wonderash and Travis Ryker of Batesville, Indiana.  This year I hunted with guide Stacey Thorburn & Dan Rossiter where I took a nice  Tahr  while my friends Sam & Trista killed 3 red stags and a ram and Travis killed a red stag.

~What year(s) had you hunted with Glen Dene :  In  2015 I  killed a red stag and a fallow deer.  The next year I took fallow deer and in 2017 rams.

~My hunt style of choice is to hike in with my 270 rifle.

~What did you think about the lodge and your stay at Glen Dene

Glen dene is 10/out of 10 in my book.   The panoramic views, and luxurious, yet comfortable lodge makes a great location for all to enjoy, including non-hunting family members. They spoil you with delicious foods and top notch chefs.  

Randi writes.   “24 hours of good luck and a damn good day”  I think we agree !!!”

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