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4 Reasons Couples Should Travel and Hunt in New Zealand


Offsetting hunting trips with a second non-hunting vacation each year to keep everyone happy? What if you could get the best of both worlds in one incredible trip of a lifetime? New Zealand is a number one travel destination and number one hunting destination, making it possible to provide a shared experience like no other!


  1. World-class hunting

New Zealand is world renown for its hunting opportunities and trophy animals! At Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing we consistently produce top quality hunting experiences for trophy red stags, chamois, tahr, and fallow bucks! Better yet, Glen Dene offers combined couple hunting packages, designed to share a hunting experience on a number of trophy species with your loved one! Don’t let the exquisite mountain scenery fool you; this is no typical backcountry trip. With knowledgeable professional guides, lodge accommodation, excellent driving tracks, and opportunities for helicopter assistance each of these animals is possible for everyone! Along with this world-class hunting opportunity, Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing provides a well-rounded experience for couples.


  1. Breathtaking scenery

The breathtaking sights and views of New Zealand are not a thing to miss! Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing offers magnificent scenery all the time, whether its on the mountainside for a hunt overlooking one of our gorgeous lakes, or while sipping a glass of wine in the wood fire hot tub after a successful day. Not only does our location between two of New Zealand’s most spectacular lakes, Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea, provide for stellar sights, but also we are only a short distance from many “must see” destinations, like the majestic Blue Pools and Fantail Falls of the Southern Alps and the remote West Coast beaches. Nothing can make you feel closer to your loved one than soaking in some of the most stunning views New Zealand has to offer, except maybe sharing some unforgettable experiences with them in this picturesque setting.


  1. Something for everyone

Along with our combined hunting package for couples, Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing offers other activities for couples on their hunting trip. Spend a day exploring remote backcountry rivers with a fly rod in hand on one of our privately guided day fishing excursions. Or mount up on a bike tour of the Gibbston Valley wine region. In New Zealand, there’s something for everyone, and at Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing we cater packages to include the activities you desire! So whether you want a spa day, hiking, sightseeing, wine touring, shopping, or one of the many Queenstown adrenaline activities, we have you sorted! Being able to add these other opportunities, along with world-class hunting, from one location is very unique to Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing. While we love seeing couples share in other activities along with our hunting, we understand that sometimes people have a different idea of a day well spent. Our non-hunter program allows for guided touring and activities for one partner in town while their counterpart is out hunting. Afterwards, tales of the day’s adventures hunting and touring can be shared over a glass of wine and nibbles at the lodge.


  1. High country hospitality

The high country hospitality of Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing includes warmth, family-like friendliness, and thoughtfulness from the simplest gestures to the grandest feasts, as you’ll soon find out! This atmosphere makes traveling to Glen Dene for a hunting trip ideal for couples. A hunt here is not a “boy’s trip,” nor is it “roughing it.” We set this cordial scene starting with breakfast, and always end everyday with a family style dinner with all our guests. Our team strives to make you feel all the comforts of home with the luxuries of a vacation. Richard and Sarah Burdon, the owners of Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing, enjoy sharing not only their high country station, but also some of their favorite local wines and foods each evening. Robin and Lindsay, Glen Dene’s chefs, bring exquisite New Zealand fare to table. And all of our guides share their wealth of knowledge throughout the day. Traveling down to Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing in the Southern Hemisphere will give a whole new understanding to “southern hospitality.”

Couples, New Zealand should be on your radar! Join us at Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing for a unique hunting vacation!

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