Glen Dene’s Meat Utilization

Posted: June 17, 2024 Tags: Categories: Backcountry Hut, Hunting, Sustainability, Uncategorized

Glen Dene’s Meat Utilization

Glen Dene strives to utilize the entire animal from each hunt. The magnificent animals taken here at Glen Dene deserve our respect, and, therefore, Richard and Sarah ask the guides to take almost the entire carcass off “the hill.” Prime cuts go to the table, while less desirable cuts go to the butcher and are returned as salami, sausage, and chorizo. Richard and Sarah know it’s important to help the community as well. Much meat throughout the season is donated locally to those in need. Even bruised or bloody meat is used to help fuel the hard working farm dogs! Regardless of the mount desired by the hunter, head capes are always utilized, ensuring Glen Dene always has a spare to help clients with damaged capes. Important to note, New Zealand has very few species to clean up carrion. It takes a while to decay anything left on the hill, so it’s important to harvest and utilize all that we can from the animals taken.

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