The Kevin Johnson Family – Big Boys TV – at Glen Dene Hunting & Fishing

Posted: May 15, 2019 Tags: Categories: Bowhunting, Red Stag New Zealand, Tahr Hunting New Zealand

The Kevin Johnson Family – Big Boys TV – at Glen Dene Hunting & Fishing

The Big Boys TV’s aim is to show the thrill of the great outdoors. Fair Chase is what they prefer to hunt and it was part of what attracted them to New Zealand.

The group, 7 in total, enjoyed jetboating, wine tours, bungee jumping , helicopter tours and between the 7 of them they were able to hunt seven Red Stags, two Tahr, two Arapawa Rams, and a South Pacific Goat.

 Kevin had an amazing hunt shooting a stag as he was walking down the stream at 5 yards with a bow, Darce was the one who made it at Tahr Camp and what a beauty – this one made it into the SCI Record book!  After multiple stalks Jada let an arrow fly to get an amazing trophy and another highlight of the trip was that her little sister Maddie was shooting a beautiful stag as well. Even the camera operator had the chance to get on the other side of the camera to experience an incredible hunt!

 It is important to detail that trips such as these offer more than just hunting. For those who want to bring family members that don’t hunt, there is something for everyone and these trips can be just as much about witnessing cultures as it is about the sport of hunting. “ (Kevin Johnson)


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