Bow Hunter Ryan Boyd at Glen Dene

Bow Hunter Ryan Boyd at Glen Dene

Ryan and his wife Glorianne have been on an incredible bow hunt for a Red Stag and Tahr.  After 5 days of tough hunting they added on a 6th day with hunting guide Dan Rossiter to finally get an incredible Red Stag, a Gold Medal SCI 392.5, what a great achievement!

This is what he is saying about his experience:

For most of my adult life I have dreamed of bowhunting roaring stags in the hills of New Zealand! After taking my time and doing a few years of research, we settled on Glen Dene because of their high recommendations and their breathtaking landscape. We explored both the North and South Island for 2 weeks before our hunt, and Glen Dene has the most beautiful land that we saw in all of New Zealand! They have an abundance of wildlife, although getting a stag with my bow was still quite the challenge!  This truly was the trip of a lifetime and I couldn’t recommend Glen Dene enough, and I seriously can’t wait to go back!”

If you are a bow hunter and are interested in talking to one of our references, Ryan would be happy to tell you all about his hunting experience, please contact:

Ryan is the owner of the company Quick Catch in North Florida which specializes in human capture and relocation of nuisance wildlife and animal removal. Ryan has been trapping animals his whole life and he has always had a passion for wildlife.

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