Upper Clutha Branch Hunts Course: Final Segment Recap

Posted: June 10, 2024 Tags: Category: Uncategorized

Upper Clutha Branch Hunts Course: Final Segment Recap

Well, that’s a wrap for the 2023 Upper Clutha Branch Hunts course! Our final segment was an incredible experience, packed with learning and adventure.

Katrina, Prairie, and Zane arrived at Glen Dene on Thursday night, eager to get started with their hunting expedition. We were fortunate to have Jamie available to guide Katrina and Zane, with the able assistance of Ella. Meanwhile, Nova and I took Prairie up the long gully for her hunt.

The day was a classic New Zealand hunting adventure, with all four seasons making an appearance before lunch. Despite the weather, it was a fruitful day out in the field. Katrina successfully took down a nice fallow yearling, while Prairie skillfully bagged a red yearling.

The hard work didn’t stop there. The follow-up sessions included gutting, carrying, skinning, and butchering the game. We wrapped up the day with a well-deserved beer, reflecting on the experiences and lessons learned.

A big thanks to the trainees for their dedication to the course, and to Jamie, Ella, and Nova for their commitment to sharing their passion and expertise. None of this would have been possible without the generous sponsorship from Richard and Sarah Burdon and the collaboration with the Glen Dene team.

Looking forward to more adventures and successful hunts in the future!



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