Bringing Meat Home is Easy!

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Bringing Meat Home is Easy!

Bringing meat home to the US is “easy as,” as the Kiwis say! If you’re interested in adding prime New Zealand Red Stag cuts to your table at home, our guides will butcher and prepare your animals to freeze in a cooler before your flight. Then you simply check the cooler as an extra bag. The US allows fifty pounds of meat per person to be brought from New Zealand. We have great success with the meat staying cold for up to 72 hours, with the center of the cooler even remaining frozen!

We strive to fill your fifty pounds with the best cuts available. Of course, back straps and tenderloins are the first priorities, but we also like to include the four main cuts from the hindquarters (the top round, silverside and eye of round, knuckle, and rump) and the flat irons from the shoulder if not damaged by the shot. If weight allows, we can add in some of the shank meat and trimmings to slow cook or grind. See some of our favorite recipes for each cut here (…-venison-at-home/)!

Want to take only the best? Or are there more in your group to fly with an extra fifty pounds? Hunt a young meat animal during your stay at Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing. Without predators in New Zealand, controlling the population of females on the property is a must, and prime cuts from a young red hind or fallow doe will have your mouth watering!

Don’t stress if bringing home meat is not convenient on your travels. Many clients spend more time touring New Zealand or stopping at other destinations on their trip home, complicating the process of traveling with meat. Any meat remaining at Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing will be utilized.

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